Packaging bags come in a variety of designs. Most often, versions with or without a zip are used. Side-folded, perforated bags in rolls or used as box inserts, with a material thickness of 20 to 200 μm, are also common. You can find the sizes of our standard bags by clicking on their picture on their data sheet – send an inquiry about a unique size / design / color.

ESD dissipative pink bag ESD dissipative zip bag
SX10 dissipative bag, open on one shorter size SX10 dissipative bag with zip SX10 dissipative bubble bag
ESD bubble bag ESD shielding bag ESD shielding zip bag
SX10 dissipative bubble bag with adhesive tape and overlap SX19 shielding bag, open on one shorter side SX19 shielding bag with zip 
ESD moisture bag ESD shielding bubble bag ESD vacuum sealer
SX33 moisture bag SX61 shielding, bubble bag Vacuum sealer with upper and lower heating thread
ESD bag sealer label ESD sealing label
Desiccants and humidity indicators LE4070 sealing label LML60100 sealing label, 3 languages