Guiding principle

Sustainable economic activities

We, the management of the Stat-X group, are aware of our responsibility for the economic, social and environmental consequences that our economic activity may have on the lives of people and on the environment. Therefore, in terms of sustainable development, we take into consideration not only economic goals when taking business decisions, but also the needs of future generations.

Success with responsibility

The shareholders and the executives of Stat-X form a tight group which is committed to responsible business and which aims at establishing a culture of respect and openness. It goes without saying that the company is profit-oriented. It is our daily challenge to combine this outlook with a sense of social justice and environmental responsibility.

Environmental protection and sustainability

The natural balance of the Earth’s ecosystem is increasingly being disturbed the activities of mankind. The emission of greenhouse gases leads to global climate change with unpredictable consequences, which causes a growing imbalance in the world. Therefore, for Stat-X, conscious handling of energy, emissions, raw materials and production methods plays a central role when selecting our suppliers.

enviromental protection

While we prefer producers and manufacturers that take into account socially acceptable and environmentally friendly standards and give precedence to European production sites, we also try to contribute to creating a world worth living in for future generations.