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Open training courses

“ESD coordinator: A person must be nominated by the organisation with the responsibility of introducing the requirement of this standard, including the preparation, documentation, maintenance and verification of compliance with the program. “
(Quote from IEC 61340-5-1 paragraph 5.1.2)

Stat-X not only provides the equipment for a successful ESD protection program, but also arranges open training courses that will help your employees to successfully complete training as ESD coordinators in three days. Our courses are conducted in small groups at different locations. Small groups provide a high level of understanding, and each question is answered individually.
The training courses are organised according to current standards and recommendations. The course materials are confirmed by TUV Rheinland. Each course ends with a final exam.

Our offer:

ESD Assistant

one-day seminar – an in-depth technical training course for beginners. Aims to clarify common doubts.

ESD officer/ Testing workshop

one-day seminar– for the correct handling of measuring techniques and assessment of the results

ESD Coordinator Course

one-day seminar – Development of the ESD programme plan and its integration into your quality manual, as well as ROI and ESD risk assessment.

Extract from the “ESD assistant” training programme:

9:00 am Notion, Target, Organisation
ESD principles, risk factors
Exercise 1: Loading of good and bad materials
10:15 The ESD protection zone EPA
Conductivity and dissipation
Exercise 2: The EPA and the protective effect
12:30 Packaging and transport
The three rules
Damage and failure rates
Standards and internal instructions
Exercise 3: Check and Measure
15:15 Humidifying and ionising
Exercise 4: Improvements
16:30 Summary, final discussion
ESD multiple-choice test

On request, we can adapt the course to your needs and to the experience levels of the participating staff. Details can be found in the ​​training and internal audits section.

Please note that not all services are offered in all locations. Contact your local representative for a specific quote.

Internal training courses

“The training plan must specify the entire group of employees that need training on ESD awareness and precautions”

(Quote from IEC 61340-5-1 paragraph 5.2.2)

We are happy to carry out internal training of employees or managers to meet your requirements. Here, the portfolio ranges from 90 minutes beginners courses to multi-day events in which members are trained individually. Training reports or certificates are issued on request and depending on the content.

Target groups for basic ESD training:

Operators, cleaning staff, purchase, management and sales staff

Need more information:
Developers, technical managers, planning engineers and quality managers

Depending on the size of the company, ESD assistants, ESD officers and ESD coordinators should be appointed and provided with adequate authority, budget and support of the management.

Please note that not all services are offered in all locations. Contact your local representative for a specific quote.


A growing miniaturisation and optimisation of electronics requires consistent ESD protection. All companies with the direct or indirect use of electronic components or assemblies need comprehensive protection as per IEC 61340-5-1. These requirements will only get stricter, if manufacturer road maps are to be believed.

The ESD standard IEC 61340-5-1 requires the creation of an ESD control programme plan with metrological qualifications and periodic review of all EPA protective measures. ESD protection is thus an important element of quality assurance.

Inspection and ESD measurement in electronics manufacturing

Stat-X offers a review of your electronics manufacturing according to the relevant standards for ESD protection, including the IEC 61340 and VDE 0100 series.
The review of the ESD protection system follows the typical sequence of an internal audit. Your ESD coordinator will be supported by professional measurement and consultation. Together a plan for the commissioning and for ESD measurements will be determined.

Review process:

  • Preliminary definition of the requirements
  • Sighting of the internal ESD control programme plan
  • Inspection of the production from receipt to issue of the goods
  • supported by electrical measurements and interviews with staff
  • Joint evaluation of the results
  • Report generation

Checks and measurements are made at selected workplaces. All measurements are taken with calibrated measuring equipment. They are documented and then evaluated. At the end of the inspection you will receive a reliable measurement report.

Please note that not all services are offered in all locations. Contact your local representative for a specific quote.

Product qualification

In addition to on-site activities and training courses, we can also help you with the qualification of your existing ESD products, even under the controlled conditions of 12% RH, as required by current standards. Products of up to a size of 600 x 400 mm can be conditioned without damage.

We will also be happy to assist in the implementation of walking tests and the evaluation and discussion of your ESD test results, for example, in the justification of required deviations from IEC 61340-5-1.

On request, we will support your ESD Coordinator in the preparation of an ESD control programme plan.

Please note that not all services are offered in all locations. Contact your local representative for a specific quote.